[NEWS 10ve Anniversary] Mail From Russian Fans on MASTERHITS

Around NEWS 10th Birthday in September a Russian fan community, I'm in, was thinking how to celebrate & came to a thought that usual anniversary posts & stuff, like just writing greetings inside our group, are useless, and that if we really want to congratulate NEWS on 10ve Anniversary we should do something that will reach for them directly. And so, we decided to write them a letter.

A whole week before Sep 15 we collected short messages from all fans who wanted to take part, then translated them into Japanese with rather big or small help of some really nice people, aaaand sent.

We used 3 different mail addresses to send our letter, containing 21 messages in total, to all 4 NEWS radio shows. xD
We risked being considered mad, but in the end it led us to success! Last Friday, Oct 4, Massu read our mail during MASTERHITS! =D He read the intro and two random messages: MINE (=D) & another girl's one. Was amazed there're so many NEWS fans in Russia & wished for a concert one day. So do we! :D

Thank you, Masuda-san! Thanks everyone who participated, more or less, visible & hidden!

Our part starts on 8:00

Let me count it as a NEWS b-day post. ^^v ahah

~ てずてってとってNEWS ~
KoyaMassu Shitteru?

Ne~ Ne~ Shitteru?

lightbulb During a scene of ep.5 of "Hanawake" with Takemi & detective Shibata, played by Mikami Kensei who also played Duke aka Deku in "Deka Wanko" there was "Taiyou ni hoero!" aka "Deka Wanko Theme" playing as BGM?
:D Cute connection, ne~

KoyaMassu Shitteru?


Finally! My early-access mail have just arrived. Yatta! The site looks like a quest game. My favorite type. I'm now looking forward to explore its deeps. 

Btw, my username is: FlooVine115. Let's be friends on Pottermore, too.
Massu gaze

[AUDIO] Tegomass x HOME MADE Kazoku - Koi no Wana Shikakemasho (Music Fair 2011.02.12)

Valentine special collaboration between Tegomass & HOME MADE Kazoku at February Music Fair.   
I fall in love with this perfomance! And ripped it into mp3.

Tegomass x HOME MADE Kazoku - Koi no Wana Shikakemasho (Music Fair 2011.02.12).mp3
192 kbps; 02:41; 3,71 Mb  

"Koi no Wana Shikakemasho ~FUNK THE PEANUTS no Theme~" was originally sung by charming female duo FUNK THE PEANUTS in 1995.  If you're interested you can download the original (though quality is poor):  

64 kbps; 03:49; 1,75 Mb  
Credits: そら-sora-@nicomimi.   

Lyrics (kanji) can be found here
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Enjoy ♥


Для начала.../ To begin with...

sun Никогда в жизни не вела дневников. ^^" Не представляю, что здесь писать, но, наверное, буду обновлять время от времени. 

sun I've never written a diary in my whole life. ^^" Have no idea what to do here, but probably I'll be posting smth from time to time.